The Artist  occasionally works for Other People. If you are an Other Person in need of artwork, illustration, writing, web design or simply wish to express an opinion that may or may not be met with undying gratitude, contact Ms. Werner at (It's not a link. You have to type it in to your email program yourself. So if your real purpose is to send SPAM, you're going to have to put some effort in to it).

Ms. Werner's cartoons may be licensed for publication. Rates are based on publication size and type and vary for archived (previously published) vs. new (not yet published) material. If you'd like to include The Near Side or Mac & Jill in your horsey publication, please contact the artist at the email address from the paragraph above.

While a Facebook Fan Page has been created, we regret that The Artist is not a Twit, and therefore does not Tweet and is unable to offer you the option of following her on Twitter. She really doesn't think anybody needs or wants to know what she's doing, eating, or feeling at any given moment, and the whole concept of 'being followed' really creeps her out.


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